Give Yourself the Gift of Lights in 2024

Between all the shopping, cooking, decorating, and gathering, the Christmas season can be a whirlwind. If the stressors of the season have been a little too much this year, now’s the time to act so that Christmas 2024 isn’t a repeat. Before you forget just how long it took you to find the extension cords, … Read more


The holidays are a great opportunity for homes and businesses to shine bright, but who says the cheer has to stop come January? While Coastal Christmas Decor is known for its customized holiday lighting, we are also happy to install permanent lighting for customers so that they can light the night throughout the year. We’re … Read more

Commercial Holiday Lighting

You may be under the impression that keeping your Christmas lights up all year long is a bad thing, but when it comes to professionally installed business lighting, it can be a win. Professionally installed holiday lights are sleek, energy-efficient, and long-lasting, making them a great choice not only for the Christmas season, but for … Read more

While Coastal Christmas Decor focuses mostly on holiday lighting, we also offer permanent lighting services as well through our sister company, Coastal Virginia Lighting. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with Old Dominion University (ODU) to update the lighting at their Ted Constant Convocation Center, a nearly 220,000 square foot multi-purpose arena that brings … Read more

The holiday season is finally here! As a business owner, maybe you’ve noticed your competitor’s tasteful light display and are considering professional lighting for 2023. Or if you already have professional lighting in place, maybe you want to make your lighting bigger and better next year. To make your holiday lighting dreams a reality, it’s … Read more

large exterior christmas tree with white lights

Shops and businesses that choose to professionally decorate their exterior for the holidays have a leg up on their competition. A bright and merry storefront can attract more customers and put them in a more positive (aka spendy) mood. This can help boost your holiday sales. If you’re planning to professionally decorate your business this … Read more

Holiday lighting isn’t just for residential homes, it’s for businesses too. Not only do holiday lights make a business look great, but they can also help to increase sales! Show your Christmas spirit and reap the rewards this holiday season. Attract More CustomersImagine walking past two stores, one that is beautifully lit up with Christmas … Read more

Our open slots for decorating WILL FILL UP SOON for this holiday season. Take one major item off your holiday to-do list and contact Coastal Christmas Decor NOW for a free estimate on decorating your business or home and spreading holiday joy this winter. We do the decorating for you. The bread and butter of our business is hanging holiday … Read more