Planning Ahead for 2023 Retail Holiday Light Displays

The holiday season is finally here! As a business owner, maybe you’ve noticed your competitor’s tasteful light display and are considering professional lighting for 2023. Or if you already have professional lighting in place, maybe you want to make your lighting bigger and better next year. To make your holiday lighting dreams a reality, it’s important to plan now and include professional lighting in your business budget for next year.

Is professional holiday lighting worth the expense? We certainly think so. Professional holiday lighting has many benefits for businesses:

  1. Attracts more customers. Consumers are more likely to take notice of a business that stands out due to its bright lights, beautiful decorations, and overall holiday spirit. Businesses that use professional holiday lighting services are able to cement their good reputation with current customers and make a good first impression with new customers. In addition, in today’s increasingly online-driven marketplace, professional holiday decorating can be the boost you need to attract more visitors.  

  2. Drives year-end sales. The more customers that enter your store, the more opportunities you have to meet your year-end sales goals. Holiday lighting helps to put customers in a positive mood, which makes them more likely to spend. This holds true for all types of businesses—retail stores, health clubs, beauty salons, restaurants, and more.

  3. Increases employee morale. The current labor market is precarious, particularly for many service-oriented industries. A joyous light display has a positive impact not only on customers, but on employees as well, and can make them more satisfied with their job.

While we’re still reveling in the joy of the 2022 holiday season, it’s never too early to start planning for 2023. Coastal Christmas Decor can provide your company with an estimate for professional holiday lighting to include in your 2023 budget planning. Call us today at (757) 286-4689 or contact us online to speak with one our lighting professionals. Happy holidays from our business to yours!