The Countdown to Christmas is On—Book Your Slot Today!

Our open slots for decorating WILL FILL UP SOON for this holiday season. Take one major item off your holiday to-do list and contact Coastal Christmas Decor NOW for a free estimate on decorating your business or home and spreading holiday joy this winter.

We do the decorating for you. The bread and butter of our business is hanging holiday lights and decorations for commercial buildings and residential homes. We work with each of our customers to create a lighting plan that will make your business or house shine. Our displays are classic, tasteful, and exude the Christmas spirit. Check out our photo gallery and reviews to see just what we can do.

There’s no need to worry about mid-season fixes. One of the best things about working with a decorating company to hang your holiday lights is that we are on-call throughout the season to address any issues that may arise. Did a strand of lights go out or get blown out of a tree? We’re there to fix it. Is your garland sagging or did your pathway lights get knocked over? Give us a call and we’ll come make it right. Our white glove service ensures your business or house will look great all season long.

Our lights and decorations are top quality. Coastal Christmas Decor only uses the highest quality materials for our holiday decorating. The lights and decorations are manufactured to meet our specific company requirements, including longer-life bulbs and extra-fluffy garland. We also feature UL-rated outdoor extension cords, a variety of property-friendly installation accessories, and commercial-grade specialty décor. 

We take down the decorations at the end of the season. After a season of joy and happiness, taking down Christmas decorations can be a real bummer. When you choose Coastal Christmas Decor to decorate your business or home, we return in January to remove the decorations, so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Again, slots for decorating will fill up soon. We love your business, but we can only handle so much of a good thing! Contact Coastal Christmas Decor for a free quote today and get your name on our “nice” list (aka our schedule) and secure your spot for holiday decorating this year! Contact us online or at (757) 286-4689.