Well-Planned Designs for Your Holiday Lights

A great holiday light display takes more than just the physical labor to hang the lights, it also needs a well-planned design. Rather than guessing how many strands of lights you’ll need or how far apart to space your wreaths, let Coastal Christmas Décor do the planning for you! We can create a magical winter wonderland so that your home or business will be the star of the street.
Why choose Coastal Christmas Décor?
  1. We create a custom design for your home or business. Coastal Christmas Decor’s experts design unique holiday displays for every customer, from shopping malls to mom-and-pop stores to homeowners. We start with a property survey, then develop a gorgeous display to light the house, walkways, trees, and more. Together with the customer, we make any changes necessary to the design plan so that your display exceeds all expectations.
  2. We stay on top of trends. Yes, there are design trends in Christmas decorating! From tree canopies to ribbon colors, we stay up to date on what is popular in holiday decorating. A custom design from Coastal Christmas Décor will allow your house to look classy without looking outdated.
  3. You won’t have to guess how many lights are needed. Is it possible to get through a holiday season without having to run out for more lights or decorations? It is when you use Coastal Christmas Décor. Our designers dedicate the winter months to holiday lighting, so they correctly calculate the number of lights needed for a home or business Christmas display.
  4. Your design won’t be lost in translation. Sure, you could hire a handyman to install your holiday lights, but you’d also have to create your own lighting layout and tell him how to hang the lights. With all of the double-checking and the possibility for miscommunication, it’s easier to go with a pro like Coast Christmas Décor to ensure the job gets done right.
Save yourself time and effort and have Coastal Christmas Décor plan your holiday light display this year! Contact us online or call us at (757) 286-4689 for a free quote.