Frequently Asked Questions: Coastal Christmas Decor

Frequently Asked Questions


How much will it cost?

  • No two homes or designs are alike and it is impossible to give a quote on the phone or on this website.  Even talking about averages can give the wrong impression.  Home size and roof line can affect the price as well as the number of trees, bushes and trim items selected.  Prices for residential homes can range from $1,500 to over $6,000.  Retail buildings can go even higher.  If you have a budget in mind, just let us know, our designers are experts in getting the best impact for the lighting of your home or business.

Will you hang my own lights?

  • No. In the past we would sometimes install customer owned materials but found it always costs more in the long run.

Can you install or take down on a specific date?

  • While we cannot guarantee a specific installation or take down date due to weather, with enough notice we can usually accommodate any special plans or needs you may have. Just let us know so we can work you in to meet your schedule. Keep in mind, the best dates go quickly and the season is short.

Does Christmas Decor carry liability insurance specifically designed for Christmas decorating?

  • Christmas Decor franchises are trained, insured professionals.

Do we rent the decor, lease it or do we own it?

  • All decor is included in the service package. With Christmas Decor’s Service One program, you’ll never own old, worn-out decor again! With our program, decor is automatically replaced when it needs to be – and you will have the flexibility to change colors upon renewal!

Is there a labor warranty just in case the lights stop working or there is a problem?

  • With Christmas Decor’s Service One program, maintenance is included in the price. We will also conduct proactive service visits throughout the holiday season to make sure your program looks like it did the day we installed it.

Is there a difference between your lights and the ones I can buy at my local retailer?

  • Absolutely! Our decor is manufactured to our specifications—longer-life bulbs and extra fullness on all of our greenery. We also feature UL-rated, outdoor extension cords, a variety of property-friendly installation accessories and commercial-grade specialty décor. You won’t find better quality anywhere!

Can we determine the time that you take the decorations down?

  • Yes. A Christmas Decor representative will work with you to schedule a takedown appointment that is convenient for you.

How much does professional holiday lighting cost?

  • No two homes or businesses are alike! Home size and roofline can affect the price of our custom lighting installation and takedown, as well as landscaping including trees, bushes, and decorative features. We hesitate to give estimates over the phone due to these challenges, but are happy to offer a custom quote once we’ve taken a look at your property.
  • Holiday light pricing for residential homes can range from $1,500—$6,000. Retail lighting designs and installations vary greatly, and require a custom estimate.
  • We will work with your budget to provide the best value possible in your price range.

Does Coastal Christmas Decor provide the holiday string lights and decorations, or use mine?

  • We provide all of the supplies needed for our jolly technicians to design, install, and remove your holiday lighting display. Although we understand that many of our clientele already own Christmas lights, it is safer for our team to work with our proprietary and premium holiday lights and decorations.

Can I rent, lease, or own the Christmas decorations?

  • Coastal Christmas Decor offers an all-inclusive Service One package program. We maintain all holiday decorations and update or replace old or outdated decor as needed.
  • We’re happy to customize string light colors at each contract renewal, and you’ll never need to buy, store, untangle, repair or replace old worn-out or broken Christmas lights and decorations again.

How are Coastal Christmas Decor lights different?

  • Our lights differ from those at your local megamart or grocery store. Our decor is manufactured specifically to our specifications, and you won’t find better quality decorations anywhere.

What makes ours the Best Holiday Decorations:

  • Longer-life bulbs on Christmas lights
  • Extra-full Greenery
  • UL-rated outdoors extension cords
  • Property-friendly installation accessories and techniques
  • Commercial-grade specialty decor
  • Custom design and installation by professionals

Can I schedule a seasonal takedown of my holiday Christmas lights?

  • Our Christmas Decor representatives will work with you to schedule a convenient takedown appointment that works with your schedule. We are able to accomodate most special needs or schedule restraints, weather permitting. Christmas light removal must be scheduled a minimum of three weeks in advance. Please keep in mind that the season is short—reserve your spot quickly!

Is there Liability Insurance for Christmas decorations?

  • We are backed by the parent company Christmas Decor, and are trained and insured professionals operating in the state of Virginia.

Is there Labor Warranty for Christmas decorations?

  • Maintenance is included in our Service One program. We’ll proactively swing by your home or business throughout the holiday season, just to make sure everything is lit up exactly as it should be. We won’t bother you, just verify that everything looks as it did when we installed it.